Leave to Remove from a Jurisdiction

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When a relationship breaks down and one parent wishes to move with the children to another country legal intervention can often be necessary.

Particularly as we live on a small island where moves to the UK and further abroad are common-place.

In the absence of an agreement between parents, advocates can assist in attempting to negotiate matters pertaining to the potential move for example contact for the non-resident parent or issues surrounding the funding of travel etc.

If negotiations break down a court application may be necessary. Our team has a wealth of experience in this area and have successfully applied for and defended against moves to the UK and further afield such as Australia and New Zealand.

If you need to talk to someone around moving children to another country then take the first step and email familyteam@mannbenham.com or call us on 01624 639350 to arrange your free initial half hour consultation with us today over the telephone or video.


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