Parental Responsibility

Highly experienced team with a great understanding of parental responsibilities

Parental responsibility is the term used to describe your legal rights as a parent.

We can also assist families who have never resided together but still require help to draw up a sensible care schedule.

When you are trying to decide where your youngsters will stay and when, there are a number of important issues to consider. We will help you think about what is most convenient for your children, their day-to-day routine and how that can be adapted smoothly to encompass the new situation. A key focus will be on how any agreement can adapt and grow with your children.

Communication between parents can often be an issue and we aim to help you with this through our own communication with your ex-partner and through other mediums such as mediation.

Court proceedings are a last resort but in some cases are necessary. We are here to take control of this process and work with you to achieve the best end result for you and your children.

If you need to talk to someone around parental responsibility then take the first step and email or call us on 01624 639350 to arrange your free initial half hour consultation with us today over the telephone or video.


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