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We help our clients deal with and respond to any regulatory investigations, or matters which are called business crime

Many of these types of investigations relate to anti-money laundering (AML), sanctions, bribery, fraud and corruption, cross-border taxation and relevant competition and pricing regulations in many jurisdictions.

Individuals and organisations come to us when they are in trouble or fear they may be exposed to an investigation. Many of our cases involve accusations of corporate fraud, financial crime, bribery and corruption. And as each cases develop, we give our clients the best legal and tactical advice, in language they understand, so that they know what’s happening and why.

Rapid changes in the legal and regulatory landscape mean that businesses and individuals can unknowingly find themselves on the wrong side of the law. The issues facing these businesses and senior executives are often cross-jurisdictional and may involve a combination of criminal, and regulatory and civil law issues. The team understand that being subject to a criminal or regulatory investigation can be a devastating event and that at this time you need lawyers who understand the system. Our experts can help.

Business Crime and Regulatory | What we do

The MannBenham Business Crime and Regulatory offering provides a first rate service to corporates and senior executives who are facing, or are vulnerable to, a white-collar crime or regulatory investigation. The Team assists our clients in dealing with the complex and very demanding issues as quickly and economically as possible, looking for a speedier resolution of regulatory matters.

As well as employees who find themselves in the midst of a corporate scandal, the team have also represented high-net-worth individuals. who trust MannBenham to devise an effective strategy while keeping their names out of the press.

Areas of Expertise

Our business crime and regulatory investigations expertise includes the following:

  • Environmental investigations
  • Internal investigations
  • Market abuse and insider dealing
  • Sanctions
  • Cyber-crime
  • External attacks on financial institutions
  • Theft and misuse of proprietary industry information
  • Health and safety investigations
  • Private prosecutions
  • Civil recovery actions
  • Asset tracing and freezing orders
  • Restraint Orders

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