We understand that sorting these issues can be a stressful time?
We have acted in relation to a range of debt recovery matters over the years and are well-placed to provide expert advice
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Debt recovery, obtaining money that is owed is regrettably not always as easy as just making a demand that the debtor should pay

The resolution of and/or recovery of money owed can be fraught with difficulty and the MannBenham team have the experience and knowledge to assist you, be it as the creditor or debtor.

Debt recovery or chasing someone that owes you money on the phone, letter or email, without a result can be infuriating and upsetting. It is times like these that you need professional guidance and assistance to successfully gain payment or address the demand being made against you.

The team understands that unpaid invoices can have a seriously negative effect on your personal and or business life. If someone has consistently failed to provide you with appropriate payment, then our specialist legal team can assist.

Debt Recovery | What we do

MannBenham provides quick, simple and cost-effective ways to assist you with any and all debt matters.

Our debt recovery team understands the importance of balancing the costs of recovery against the impact of bad debts. And, as a result, our service is tailored to you and your specific needs. Along with securing your payments, having us on hand can also help to alleviate any stress that you may be experiencing.

Areas of Expertise

The MannBenham team’s area of expertise include but is not limited to:

  • Pre-action debt collection
  • Court debt proceedings
  • Debt enforcement
  • Winding-up orders
  • Bankruptcy orders
  • Court debt enforcement
  • Charging order
  • Order for sale
  • Third-party debt

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Debt recovery matters can be complex – the MannBenham team has acted in relation to a range of these matters over the years and is therefore well-placed to provide expert advice. If you wish to discuss, or oppose a potential debt matter then email a member of our team or call them to arrange a free consultation today.

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