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We are specialists in conducting investigations for the purpose of bringing and defending claims, as well as representing clients in court
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MannBenham has a detailed knowledge and wide experience of dealing with commercial fraud claims

At MannBenham we are well-placed to provide expert and pragmatic advice on and and all commercial fraud matters

When and if fraud is discovered it is essential that you act quickly. Our Fraud team can immediately engage a network of professionals across the globe to minimise the damage and bring the fraudsters to account.

Commercial Fraud | What we do

The MannBenham team is well-placed to carry out internal investigations or advise on regulatory investigations, including those by criminal and regulatory bodies such as the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

The MannBenham team advise on fraud prevention, identification, and investigation, as well as on the consequences of fraud (from a civil, criminal and regulatory perspective). The team has a wealth of experience acting for both defendants facing allegations of fraud and companies who find themselves having to deal with the consequences of a fraudulent act against it.

The team are ready to advise and act at whatever stages the matter is at be it addressing accusations of fraud, serious money laundering, bribery, and /or corruption.

Areas of Expertise

The MannBenham team’s area of expertise include but is not limited to:

  • Commercial fraud claims
  • Court injunctions
  • Asset freezing applications
  • Partnership disputes and shareholder disputes as applied to commercial fraud claims
  • Employment litigation where the conduct of an employee or director is in question
  • Contract claim
  • Deceit
  • Conspiracy
  • Unjust enrichment
  • Misrepresentation
  • the defending of commercial fraud claims
  • Business fraud
  • Director of a company overstating the company’s profits to procure external investment
  • The sellers of a company giving false statements to the buyer as to the target company’s finances and or liabilities
  • False accounting with a view to misleading shareholders
  • Transferring assets amongst various companies within an opaque structure
  • Company or individual passing off the identity of another in the hope of credible status
  • Failing to prevent tax evasion
  • Making a gain at the expense of another person

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Commercial Fraud claims can be extremely complex – the MannBenham Dispute Resolution Team has acted in relation to a range of these claims over the years and is therefore well-placed to provide expert advice. If you wish to discuss, or oppose a potential claim then email a member of our team or call them to arrange a free consultation today.

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