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We have acted in relation to a range of professional negligence claims over the years and are well-placed to provide expert advice
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The handling of professional negligence claims demands a team which combines experience and knowledge

The team at MannBenham regularly advise and are instructed to either bring or defend claims of professional negligence.

A claim of professional negligence can be made against anyone considered to have expertise in the services they provide and for the claim to be successful there must be evidence that the service provided fell below the standards of their profession, resulting in negative consequences.

Professional Negligence Claims | What we do

The team are regularly instructed by individuals, insurers and companies to bring and or defend claims of professional negligence. The team are well aware of the effect that any claim can have on the  longer-term relationship that its clients have with their other advisers and endeavour to resolve claims using alternative dispute resolution processes where appropriate.

The team has and continues to act for businesses, investors, property developers, advocates, banks, engineers and surveyors and private individuals in claims against accountants, surveyors, architects, financial advisers and other professionals.

Our practitioners are extremely experienced, and many of our claims settle without litigation. Where this is not possible, we also have extensive trial experience.

The teams also regularly appear before and assist Advocates who find themselves the subject of complaints to the ADT.

Areas of Expertise

The MannBenham team have a wealth of experience in advising individuals and companies in the bringing and defending of professional negligence claims and this expertise includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Health and safety breaches
  • Claims against Advocate, surveyors and other professionals
  • Claims resulting from project run over budget
  • Claims resulting from project delayed and taken longer than planned and programmed
  • Contractor procured incorrectly (wrong contract or LOI, poor document management)
  • Claims following poor contract management (incorrect notices/document management causing breaches)
  • Improper supervision and inspection of the contractor and their works
  • Building regulation breaches
  • Incorrectly calculated costs and/or estimates
  • Defective works
  • Contractor made of straw or insolvent
  • Over-valuation or under-valuation of payments
  • Failure to obtain the relevant planning permission
  • Inadequate and incorrect designs and drawings
  • Unsuitable or wrongly specified materials
  • Incorrect advice

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Professional negligence claims are complex – the MannBenham Dispute Resolution Team has acted in relation to a range of these claims over the years and is therefore well-placed to provide expert advice. If you wish to discuss, or oppose a potential claim then email a member of our team or call them to arrange a free consultation today.

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