Isle of Man’s Banking Renaissance

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In a far sighted and at the same time very contemporary reading of the development of the financial services industry, the Isle of Man Government has created an alternative banking regime which came into effect on 1 August 2016.1 The new regime will enable corporations and high net worth individuals to become masters of their own [...]

Immigration for Investors in the Isle of Man

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Rules on immigration governing who may enter and stay in a country exist so that countries can control who crosses their borders. A country may well want to encourage certain categories of people to come and live there in order to benefit their economy. Often therefore immigration systems will have mechanisms in place to permit people [...]

International Comparative Legal Guide to Gambling – MannBenham Chapter

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1 Relevant Authorities and Legislation 1.1 Which entities regulate what type of gambling activity in your jurisdiction? The Isle of Man regulator of all gambling activity is the Gambling Supervision Commission (“GSC”), which is an independent statutory board established in 1962. The GSC comprises the Inspectorate and the Commission. The Inspectorate is managed by its Chief [...]