How do I talk to my children about what is happening?

The COVID-19 outbreak means that we are all facing new and uncertain challenges, not just communicating with children. These times can be hard for adults to face which makes us think, how are our children coping?

Written by Melissa Bryan | Advocate | Communicating with Children was originally posted 19 May 2020

Whilst When the government begins to ‘relax’ measures, parents and especially their children will continue to feel the effects as usual routines cannot be maintained but have either been completely disrupted or remain suspended due to the government restrictions in place.

Communication between parents can often be an issue and more so with their children in these trying times. We aim to help you with this through our own communication with you and your ex-partner and through other mediums such as mediation. However, how do you communicate what is going on to your children, do they understand the complications surrounding the current government restrictions and why contact with the other parent has been disrupted and no longer routine?

Our Family Law Team at MannBenham have found some handy resources to help you when talking to your children and about what is happening. Click on the links below:

BBC – Keep it Simple

 UNICEF – 8 Tips to Help

 Young Minds – 10 tips

 Child Mind – Kid’s worry more when they’re kept in the dark

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