When moving forward with any business idea, forward planning and difficult decision making are needed at an early stage and good quality, expert legal advice is required at an early stage. The right advice will help you strategically and commercially and ensuring the right decisions are made at the start of a venture ensures that pitfalls and obstacles are avoided later down the line which could harm your business or damage its profitability.
MannBenham can help you decide how to structure and fund your business, deal with issues surrounding purchasing or leasing business premises, how to deal with shareholders, directors, employees, customers, suppliers and agents.
Whether you are looking to set up a new business in the Isle of Man or invest in an existing one, whether you are a first time entrepreneur or an established entity seeking to expand your business, let us steer you in the right direction.
To assist you in maximising the potential of your business, we will:

• Help you decide which business structure is most appropriate for your particular venture and then put this into place;

• Advise on any immigration requirements to be met by you, your family or your staff in order for each of you to live and work in the Isle of Man;

• Advise in relation to any investment in your business, any acquisition, merger or re-organisation;

• Draft any directors’ agreements, employment contracts, consultancy agreements, secondment agreements and any necessary policies and procedures for your staff;

• Draft and negotiate all forms of commercial agreements including but not limited to standard terms and conditions, agency agreements, licensing agreements and distribution agreements;

• Assist you in identifying and implementing solutions to issues arising in corporate governance;

• Assist you with the leasing, sale or purchase of your business premises;

• Dealing with any Landlord and Tenant disputes;

• Advise on disputes between shareholders, directors, partners and LLC members;

• Deal with all forms of commercial disputes through Isle of Man and advise on any mediation or arbitration process.

If you have any query regarding starting a business in the Isle of Man, then please contact a member of our team for further assistance details of which are below.